Our Mission
To promote sustainable living, vibrant health, and robust habitats through regenerative agriculture. It is a challenge of modern societies to live with integrity regarding the environment. We hold that the model of true sustainable living provides not only high productivity, but also a high quality of life. TerraPurezza, through collaborations with universities, non-governmental organizations, and local communities will implement, instruct, and advocate for agricultural practices which enhance productivity through soil regeneration, proper water conservation practices, and comprehensive management. It offers courses in nutrition, ecology, and public policy along with experiential workshops, retreats, and internships.

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Our Products
Free Range Eggs

Pastured Eggs

Organically fed hens rotationally grazed on native grasses.

One dozen. $7

Pastured Chicken

Organically fed freedom rangers rotationally grazed on native grasses. Whole chicken fresh (limited availability) or frozen. $6.49/lb. Range 3-5lbs.

Pastured Pork @ TerraPurezza

Pastured Pork

We keep our sounder on native grasses, rotating every week onto a fresh paddock for optimal nutrition and land impact.  Retail cuts available at our market, pricing varies.

Garden Bed Products

Raised Garden Beds

Our 3 foot tall raised garden beds are the perfect way to garden without bending over. They are available for purchase in a variety of options, starting at $399.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?
Regenerative Agriculture is an approach to agricultural production which implements ecological land use practices. Regenerative Agriculture methods increase efficiency and revitalize native habitats simultaneously. They include techniques such as rotational grazing of high-density livestock, effective water management via land augmentation, restoration of native grasses, and the highest animal welfare. Regenerative Agriculture is beyond organic.