Who We Are

TerraPurezza is a regenerative agriculture institute and farm, born out of a shared mission to change the way food is produced and how we relate to the land. Regenerative agriculture is a collection of techniques that together form an approach to food production that focuses on rehabilitating soil health, rebuilding native grasslands, and restoring natural water cycles. These methods increase efficiency of production and revitalize native habitats simultaneously. They include techniques such as rotational grazing of high-density livestock, effective water management via land augmentation, restoration of native plants, and the highest levels of animal welfare.

Located in the Texas Hill Country, TerraPurezza began as a husband and wife team: Tina and Orion Weldon founded the initial farm in the fall of 2015 in Spicewood, TX.

Tina and Orion met during their studies at Rutgers University. Orion was working on his PhD in conservation ecology, researching endangered species’ habitat requirements. Tina was completing her dietetics degree with a focus on community public health. It became clear to both of them that agriculture is a core contributor to challenges in their respective fields, especially in ecology and land use change. It was also evident that traditional academia had disappointingly little ability to apply its vast knowledge base to the real world. Together, they are dedicated to the sustainability of vibrant health and robust habitats by connecting people to the soil through regenerative land use.

Currently, TerraPurezza is structured as a working farm with multiple campuses. This allows us to serve as a real world example for the applicability of different regenerative agriculture techniques within an economically scalable model. In this pursuit, TerraPurezza Institute will collaborate with universities and other organizations to offer accredited courses in nutrition, ecology, and public policy, as well as workshops with hands-on experiences and techniques. We are passionately committed to the feasibility of these practices and continuing to educate the public and fellow farmers on their wide range of applicability.

It is a challenge of modern societies for people to live with integrity regarding the environment. We hold that the model of true sustainable living provides not only high productivity, but also a high quality of life for producers and consumers. It is our mission to change the face of agriculture by successfully operating a farm that supplies local markets and restaurants, as well as well as establishing a data-driven institute that will provide much needed peer-reviewed study and support for these techniques.

-Tina and Orion Weldon