Garden Beds

Garden beds are a classic way of organizing your garden area and providing above-ground additional soil for your plant’s roots. The typical bed is 8 feet long by 3 feet wide and about 6-8 inches tall. We decided to raise it all the way up to waist height (3 feet) to prevent those backaches and make gardening even more of a joy. With this design, you can simply walk through your garden to weed, plant, water and more.


On the farm, we fill the beds using the hugelkulture method. This includes a hardwood log base for the first 1.5 – 2 feet, covered with compost for another 6 inches and then topped with soil that has more compost mixed in (about half and half) in preparation for planting. Settling does occur which gives you the opportunity to add more high quality soil and compost over time. The hugelkulture method has worked well for us and our plants. As the wood at the bottom degrades over time it releases nutrients for deep root systems in addition to the compost layer. It also provides ample pore space for good drainage.


Made out of prime cut red cedar and corrugated metal siding, these beds are built to last. We include a center cross-bar to prevent bowing out from the weight of the soil and coat the wood with food-safe all natural tung oil for weather protection. 4×4 corner posts extend into the ground about 1 foot deep for sturdy installation. Optional trellis for climbing vines.


Delivery and/or installation are available for an additional fee. Please contact us with any questions and for a price quote.

Apis Garden