Pastured Chicken

We raise Freedom Ranger chickens. These are a meat type bird that were developed as a hybrid of three heritage breeds and one commercial broiler. They are slower growing than the traditional white Cornish Cross chicken, which allows for better flavor development and humane quality of life. While slower growing, these birds are still processed at a young age with tender, juicy meat. Our birds are on native pasture 24/7 with access to certified organic and local feed. They are allowed to exhibit and enjoy normal chicken behaviors and they are processed on-site with minimal stress. These birds are sold whole, with neck inside, in a BPA-free shrink bag package. They are sold fresh when available, otherwise frozen.


TerraPurezza chicken can be purchased at any of the markets we attend, or at the farm (contact us to schedule a visit!).


This chicken can also be found on the menu at Apis Restaurant and Apiary, Thai Fresh, Emmer & Rye, Hestia, and other Austin area restaurants.