Pastured Pork @ TerraPurezza
Heritage Pastured Pork

Our Red Wattle and Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS) pigs are endangered, heritage breeds. They are listed as ‘threatened’ status according to The Livestock Conservancy. Red Wattle hogs, native to Texas, are known for their hardiness, foraging activity and rapid growth rate. They are a duel-purpose breed great for both meat and lard. GOS are the “meat of choice” for the royal family to this day and are considered an excellent meat pig as they are leaner than the Red Wattles. Both breeds produce high-quality, flavorful meat especially when raised on pasture.

We keep our sounder on native grasses, rotating every 4 days onto a fresh paddock for optimal nutrition and land impact. They dig for roots, grubs and acorns while munching on high-protein grasses. In addition to these delicacies, they are given a daily ration of certified organic Coyote Creek hog grower, along with ‘imperfect’ fruits & veggies and day-old milk & eggs from local groceries. We justify the use of #spoiledswine.

Our pigs are processed locally at a USDA-inspected facility, and are then broken down into a variety of retail cuts by our own butcher. Additionally, we render the leaf fat and fatback to make baking and cooking lard, respectively. We make our own sausages with organic herbs and spices, and without sugar or nitrates. All of these products can be purchased at one of our local markets.