We are raising turkeys this year!


Choose between two heritage breeds or the commercial standard ‘broad-breasted white’. Our poultry is pasture-raised right here in the Hill Country on certified organic, Non-GMO Project verified feed from Coyote Creek Mill.


Popular heritage breed from Bourbon County, Kentucky. Bred for slightly larger breasts and a greater overall white to dark meat ratio. A nice middle ground choice with deeper heritage flavor but still close to the classic shape most expected from their holiday bird. Included in Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste.

Threatened heritage breed, “if you want to save them, eat them.” Although smaller-breasted, this bird has a rich and gamey taste with plenty of dark meat. A true foodie experience.

Commercial breed. If you crave that classic, large-breasted bird this holiday season – but still want to support organic pastured poultry – look no further. Although this is also the breed of choice for industrial systems, like all our animals it will have a full, free-ranging life on the farm.

(Bourbon Red & Blue Slate)

These birds will have more overall dark meat along with a slightly sturdier texture, and deep, gamey flavor. This is what a pilgrim’s turkey would have tasted like.

(Broad-Breasted White)

Larger proportion of white to dark meat and full, broad breasts. Beautiful, organic birds great for big families with plenty for leftovers.

TerraPurezza is accepting deposits until Sunday, March 25th.
Please email or facebook message us with any questions.

Deposits are non-refundable, except where TerraPurezza is unable to meet your order within the agreed upon weight range or quality as determined by TerraPurezza.
Balance after deposit is due at November pick-up.